Rosie Grant

Frame of Mind

A brand identity and space design, targeted to explore and promote the discussion of the mental health of comedians at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Given the choice of a profession and city as a starting point, I chose to explore comedians and Edinburgh. Narrowing my focus I decided to explore the mental health of comedians. Not only is mental health still stigmatised in the UK, but also comedians are often more at risk than other professions due to their unusual hours, long times spent travelling or in isolation, and the stressful nature of performing. My aim in this project was to create a branded space/environment that used design tools to encourage interaction and discussion about mental health amongst comedians and performers.

My concept is based around the Fringe as the largest gathering of comedians in Scotland. I created the identity and concept for a space in which Fringe events about mental health and wellness that are targeted at comedians and performers can take place. This concept made it through to the second selection stage to be exhibited at the Fringe, however did not make the final selection.