Rosie Grant


This project was my second place entry to the 2017 BrandOpus Chrysalis brief. The brief asked us to propose a new mass-market ready-to-drink alcohol brand that looked to the future, targeted at 18-24 year olds.

Exploring potential trends and the evolving leaps in technology and the beverage industry, I created Verve, a low calorie drink using an alcosynth substitute for alcohol. Alcosynth is a synthetic alcohol compound (currently in development) that mimics the positive effects of alcohol, without the negatives. This includes no hangovers, a drinking threshold preventing binge drinking and other supposed health benefits. 

Verve was inspired by the potential zeitgeist of the next five to ten years and the development of new compounds and technologies. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) was at the heart of this concept, with the bottles using AR to encourage users to interact with the people and world around them in a new way, through the creation of immersive synthetic environments.