Rosie Grant

agile lunch club

This was my response to the RSA Student Design Awards brief 'Agile Ageing'. The aim of this brief was to design a way to increase and maintain mental agility and ‘brain power’ in older age. 

I designed the brand identity and materials to encourage and promote local lunch clubs. 

My main avenue of exploration within this was increasing longevity and mental agility through healthy eating and socialisation. To encourage this and promote existing lunch clubs, I designed a ‘kit’ that could be delivered by post that would provide materials with graphic elements on to create a sense of community in any environment. 

Through gathering weekly, visitors become regulars and learn to cook healthy balanced meals, while also benefiting from socialisation and light activity. By doing this, an environment is created where skills can be shared and valued, and mental agility retained through socialisation, learning new skills, healthy eating and enjoyment. The knowledge learned will also inform participant’s daily lives, hopefully leading to a change in behaviour.